Ovodium Cosmogos IX

The Silmarrimis
The Silmarrimis is the largest Emitis Pivotoid within the Avausim and is also the one that originated on Terra with the birth of sentience within the Humani.  At first it was a mere “dream-bubble” but it was huge; it was the First Dream and it was very powerful.  This is the dream of Prometheus who has since become the Sleeping Giant “Nephalimion” and the very center of the Avausim.  Since its first appearance upon the Emitis it has attracted other similar dreams that have coalesced into the spinning pancake now known as the Silmarrimis.  It has become the brightest, largest and most beautiful of all features within the Morfiuthelas.  All other Pivotoids within the Avausim seem to appear as poorly formed copies of the Silmarrimis.  They aren’t exactly so but they are smaller and less complex.  An understanding of the structure of the Silmarrimis will help in understanding the structure of the other lesser Pivotoids.

At a distance viewing the Silmarrimis from the very top, it appears as a fractal spiral that slowly spins clockwise with a cloudy perimeter and more solid center.  The revolution period is 10? years or about 30 Terran years.  From the side of the Silmarrimis, at the edge of the Kalianos and starting at the right-hand side, is has a thin rim’s edge that is partly occluded by billions of small silvery specks which are the dream-bubbles and extends further to the left.  Continuing right, the edge becomes thicker and rises slightly here and there - apparently those bumps are mountain ranges - and then turns sharply upwards into a mountainous pillar-peak at the center.  That is the Nephalimion; also known as the Spire of Memories.

The coordinate system within the Silmarrimis is as follows: Spinward, Windward, Rimward, and Spireward.  The strange nomenclature is because all maps are generated from the perspective of the visitor to the Silmarrimis.  Things in the direction towards the mountain are “spireward”. Away is “rimward”.  The clockwise direction  is “spinward” and anti-clockwise is “windward”.

The Silmarrimis is subdivided into kinds of areas that are each infinite in size but finite in representation.  These kinds of areas are: The Million Spheres or “Memesirim”, the Kalianos, the Kuan’sha, the  Desmesnes Ar’kuar’ka, and the Desmesnes Iyesu’kas. To help measure the size of a given area, province or territory there is a universal unit of measure known as “dreamiles” equivalent to 1,000 meters.  The Spire of Memories stands at about 30 dreamiles tall. The entire breadth of a typical Pivoton is about 10 dreamdays.  The Silmarrimis is huge in comparison and is about 100 dreamdays in diameter.


Ovodium Cosmogos VIII

The Avausim

Upon the Emitis, the collective islands of cultural thought are known as Pivotoids.  These cluster into swirling “Thought Realm” systems which in turn are grouped into larger clusters known as Metacultures.  A Thought Realm includes the satellite colonies of a primary Pivotoid (“Meme Host”) and float nearby upon the Emitis. If using the Earth as an example as a Meme Host, then the colonized Mars, Venus and Luna would be spinning nearby. Each spinning Pivotoid, swirling Thought Realm and Metaculture are arranged within a slowly changing and moving spiral pattern known as a the “Spirit of the Galaxy” and is given the name “Avausim”.

The Avausim has four quadrants that represent four Metacultures  - extensive collectives of powerful Thought Realms.  The four quadrants are the Orirdidara, the Grishtamin, the Uylinmiras, and the Penjimatin.  There is a centrally located Pivotoid at the cornered union of all four Metacultures and this is the  Silmarrimis.  Each of the five realms - the four (4) Metacultures and the Silmarrimis - are physically represented by an intergalactic culture in the region of the Solidness known as the Milky Way galaxy.  These cultures are the Galadatium Imperialis (Orirdidara Metaculture), and the (Terran) Magnalocus Solani as the Silmarrimis Pivotoid.  The other intergalactic cultures are the Nalise Agem Greshan (Grishtamin Metaculture), the Gilmariish Ishatizin (Penjimatin Metaculture) and the Ballani Imperialis (Uylinmiras Metaculture).

Within each Thought Realm, the distance between Meme Hosts and between its Pivotoids depends on the inter-relation of cultural ideas (i.e.; “memes”).  By extension the Meme Hosts and Pivotoids often migrate to reflect contact between two or more cultures.  As the distance from the center increases as measured in dreamyears the purity of the culture’s pattern decreases. Typical distances are 1-10 dreamyears between Meme Hosts and 0.1 - 1.0 dreamyears between Pivotoids.  The entire diameter of the Avausim is approximately 100,000 dreamyears.


Ovodium Cosmogos VII

Structure of the Morfiuthelas
The Morfiuthelas is composed of four symbolic planes of existence that extend towards infinity and are arranged as layers diving the Morfiuthelas into two infinite regions.  The first symbolic plane is the Field of Lights or “Pilanilusar” which is oriented upside-down. The next is the Emitis which contains collections of Pivotoids that comprise the Avausim or “Spirit of the Galaxy” and is oriented facing the Pilanilusar.  Attached to is very underside is another “upside-down” plane known as the Alternatus which is separated itself by the Zone of Ambivalence and mirrors somewhat the position of each Pivotoid upon the Emitis.  And lastly, facing upwards to that is the Great Emptiness also known as “Kiberdimon”. 

The Emitis
On the symbolic plane that is the Emitis, the most important structure is that immense collection of dreams that comprise the Avausim or “Spirit of the Galaxy”.  Its appearance is that of a spiral mandragora; an angular pattern of thorns and sweeping curves.  The Avausim itself is divided into four quadrants of competing memes known as Metacultures.  Each of these are comprised of smaller collections of dreams known Pivotoids.  The most important Pivotoid is that of the Silmarrimis because this is where the Nephalimion - the progenitor of the Sum of Man - resides. 

The Alternatus
Absurdity at its most with rubbery cartoon-characters.  Where the Avausim represents the dreams and beliefs of the adults; the Alternatus represents the dream collectives of children.   There are monsters as well as strange-looking sentients; invisible friends, fuzzy-smileys, boogie monsters, commercial toys, animation characters and towering adults.  Here, it is a child’s “incomplete knowledge of logical laws” or illogic, and humor that take precedence over logic and drama.  There exists no tradition save voluntary death for none die here unless it happens to be funny.  Light is in accordance to what is desired or needed to convey ideas.  The physical layout of the Alternatus is exactly the underside of the Avausim. 

The Kiberdimon
Also known as “The Emptiness” or “Cyberspace”.  The symbolic plane appears structured but in a chaotic-fractal sort of way.  It shows all of the networks within the galaxy with its neon glows and pulses of cyberlight, vector and raster-graphics beings.  Actual internet cybersites appear here as represented if using I-mail.  There exists many black pillars of silicon, towers of crystal and forests of optical fiberglass bundles.  There is no wind and there are very few denizens in the wandering in the twilight.  Travelers to  the Kiberdimon will “translate” into their exotic electron compliment and back again after leaving.

The Pilanilusar
The floor is satin black with pearls of light and covered mostly with several meters deep water.  The temperature is warm and inviting and the land is nearly dark with a prismatic haze for the sky above.  When viewed from the Avausim this plane appears as a star-filled night sky.  The patterned arrangement of the lights corresponds to the Avausim below in a powdery fractal display.  Beyond the perimeter of the Avausim it appears like simple, minimized white-noise.  Very few creatures live here and no sentient beings; most are fishes since the surface of the majority is drinkable water.  Once every year, the jacket that is the Pilanilusar is alit with the plasmatic nova bursts from the millions of Pivotoids below as their central spike-mountains shoot and release their energies in one intense explosion.  The contact spills about and fragments into trillions of balls of light that scatter them.  Many soon fade and pile-up to become darks hills out of the water but some remain as miniature pearls of light.

Time and Distance
It is possible to travel from the Emitis to the Pilanilusar by flying upwards; its distance is 1 dreamyear.  A dreamyear is approximately 365,243 dreamiles or 365 dreamdays.  A dreamile is about 1,000 meters in length and there are 1,000 dreamiles to 1 dreamday.  A dreamday is the distance traveled within the Morfiuthelas after dreaming for 24 Terran hours.  It is possible to travel from the Alternatus to the Kiberdimon by flying “downwards”; its distance is also 1 dream year.  It is possible to travel from the upright plane of the Emitis to the underside plane of the Alternatus by different methods; digging a hole, flying about the edge of the Zone of Ambivalence and going under, or using a magic portal of some sort.  To travel from the Kiberdimon to the Pilanilusar will take 2 dreamyears.


The Ovodium Cosmogos VI

The Morfiuthelas
Separated by Blight Zones extending several thousand Q-shifts to other side of it on the Metacycle is the Morfiuthelas (“The Void of Dreams” or “The Void”); a region of stable symbolic mental structures representing the spirit of sentience.  The Blighted Zones about the Morfiuthelas is known as the “Chaos Blanket” because it hides the region from the remainder of the Metacycle.  Metacycle travelers that “normalize out” within the Chaos Blanket are either destroyed or “shifted” backwards to any random (apparently) lesser Q-shift.

The Morfiuthelas exists  at the far ends of the Metacycle where all reality exists in its fullest representation.  Emotional symbolism reigns over deductive logic in the Morfiuthelas - and therefore “magic” rules over “science”.  In terms of energy; Abundance and Absurdity are 6 an 6. To help distinguish the Morfiuthelas from areas of less magic and more science; the term “Solidness” is used to describe them as opposed to the “Symbolic plane”.

The entire Morfiuthelas is flat but extends to an infinite distance.  Automatically, the mind limits the infinite in order to “scrye” it and comprehend it.  The term “scrye” is to use the magical ability to “see” or “scrye” things within the Void.  All things born within the Morfiuthelas naturally “scrye” as well as “see”; visitors to the Morfiuthelas from the Solidness must “scrye” in order to “see” certain things.  Also, there exists breathable “air” all through the Void and it can be breathed by ALL living beings.


The Ovodium Cosmogos V

Metacycle Structure
The powered hysterisis loop that is the Spermanova Lucifix has created the Alternaties; mirrored realms (“parallel”) that are poor imitations of the prime realm of the Lucifix which exists within it’s Codon bounded Morfiuthelas.  Assuming that true reality has much magic and much energy; the Alternaties have values that are less because they are imperfect copies of the Lucifix. As the count of the Alternaties extends from the origin to its final iteration, the amount of magic and energy available from the Dios Primin - Mustrus - available to that mirrored realm becomes less and less until it finally attains zero - at which point it becomes nothingness.

As a result the Metacycle’s stability is tenuous and it vibrates within the Spermanova Lucifix creating its own harmonics; the Mustrus floods within it and to its extents and back again.  There are parallels with Mustrum peaks and valleys and also mirrored realms without existence; these last are known as the Blight Zones - areas that have no Mustrus.  

Spermanova Lucifix Time Travel
Through out the Ovodium, only the Great Beings may “travel” time for they exist eternally and at all points in time; present, past and future.  Their only limit is the “memory of being”.  For physical creatures that inhabit the Solidness, there is no ability to travel time.  This is because the past is already known and the future doesn’t exist; only one possibility all through.  This is not so within that portion of the Ovodium that has been improperly isolated - the Spermanova Lucifix. Dating from the reckoning of the Humani, the Codon binds the Lucifix from the Morfiuthelas a total of fifty-thousand years; its past is known and so is it’s future but only for a moment in time.  As the Mustrus vibrates along its bound extents that is the Metacycle, it destroys many known parallels but then also allows for the creation of new ones.  These new ones begin at the edge of each Blighted Zone; its future the result of historical progression from a stable realm known as a “Frame Parallel”. More specifically for mortals; time travel is still impossible, but nearly the same thing is possible by translocating from one parallel to another.  The process for this is known as “harmonic normalization”.

Metacycle Translocation
Each being has its own unique frequency signature or “Temporal Identity” that places it within a singular mirror realm that has its own baseline signature.  Of the millions of parallels that are available only a few thousand Frame Parallels can be visited by any mortal because those are stable and have strong baseline signatures or “Frame Pitch”.  The remaining millions are always constantly being destroyed and recreated by the Mustrum vibration effects.  The key to translocation is to generate an harmonic about the traveler that alters its Temporal Identity to match that baseline signature of the parallel to be traveled.  A similar feat would be to match the pitch of two tuning forks, where the vibration of one will eventually match that of the other.

Once the harmonics have been matched, it is a matter of stepping down the harmonic of the traveler and matching more exactly the Frame Pitch of the destination Frame Parallel. What the traveler will find is a realm similar to the one it left, but with small changes.  The most obvious one is that the chronometer readings will be incorrect and the time-line will be different than that of the former parallel and is predetermined by the inner workings of the Lucifix.  Apparently each traveler that translocates into another Frame Parallel goes to where it is needed the most.

The one danger of translocation are the Blighted Zones - parallels that exist with a Frame Pitch but have no Mustrus.  Travelers to these mirror realms either become stranded or they become “normalized” into nothingness because even they have more Mustrum than the destination Frame Parallel itself.  Stranding is caused by the unavailability of Mustrus for the traveler to collect in order to power its translocation.  If the power is required for a device, then the device will fail or even vibrate itself back to its original mirror realm.


The Ovodium Cosmogos IV

The Sum of All Dreams, of which the Sum of Man is a part, form powerful thought energies called “psiergs”.  These are sent to the Dios Primin, become processed and  return modified to the universe as  mustrus.  This is the catalyst for change in the universe that motivates people, gravity and the electromagnetic constants.  The system is a closed feed-back loop; the universe affects the Dios Primin and the Dios Primin affects the universe.  Conversely those areas of the universe that excite the greatest change also receive the larger portions of Mustrus.  The Dios Primin forgot this and so hurt itself by jettisoning the Spermanova Lucifix when the Sensoriae brought news of the Coming from the periphery of the Cilia Ventris.  The Sum of Man threatened the existence of the Dios Primin because of its demand for Mustrus seemed to overshadow all other needs in the remainder of the universe.  By jettisoning the source of the Sum of Man, the Dios Primin began a long process of eventually destroying the reason for its own being, but since the First Dream isn’t the only dream by which the Dios Primin is nurtured - it barely noticed.  This is known as the Great Mistake.

Isolation of the Spermanova Lucifix
Nearly 29,128 years ago, the Dios Primin feared that it would be changed within the Ovodium because of the coming of the Great Being Avausim.  In response it decided to place a Codon time-barrier within and about the Spermanova Lucifix between the Pilanilusar and the Emitis, where the Avausim lay.  This effectively isolated the souls of the Spermanova Lucifix’s Morfiuthelas from the Ovodium because the few souls collected by the Lucifix’s Pilanilusar could no longer migrate.  The Codon barrier also physically “binds” all mortals of the Solidness to within the limits of the Galaxy’s halo - a diameter of 120,000 light-years.  This process has therefore isolated the Keeng’sa’a - the spirit of the Lucifix - and it was done when the Keeng’sa’a were but an infant.

Many uncountable  (trillions!) Spermanovae have been isolated prior to that of the Lucifix and they have never returned. They in their isolation, pinched off the primary timeline that is the Ovodium, gently float away and diminish into nothingness; their realm no longer fed by its great energies known as the Mustrus.  This was not the case of the Lucifix; abandoned by its parent by The Binding at the Cilia Ventris, it was unwilling to be orphaned.  So, when the “time-loop” codon surrounded the Lucifix’s galactic formation in hopes to “pinch” it from the remainder of the universe; the Spermanova Lucifix lay far enough away not to be felt but close enough to receive some of it’s progenitor’s soothing power.

The distance between the Lucifix and the Ovodium created a strange vibration - a harmonic that disturbed the orders of reality. Isolated realms normally will diminish into hysterisis fluctuations with the fabric of reality stepping down gradually into nothingness.  The process takes about ten-thousand years.  Ah! The Spermanova Lucifix did not experience this.  True; it experiences hysterisis fluctuations but they did not diminish.  It acquired its energies from the Ovodium to help sustain it and so it split into a million mirrored realms; something that has never been known to happen before.  Thus was born the Metacycle.


The Ovodium Cosmogos III

The Coming
The Sum of Man is the Nephalimion, also known as the “Giant Who Sleeps”.  It is collection of all ideas, aspirations, and dreams that all of man-kind (Humani) has created and will create.  The Sum of Man is the part of the Avausim or “Spirit of the Galaxy” because it originated it.  The Sum of Man is eternal and exists at all places and all times that man existed.  It is because of the Sum of Man that the Silmarrimis exists.  It is because of this the Avausim exists.  It is because of this the Spermanova Lucifix exists.  It is because of this the Dios Primin exists.

The Sum of Man became when the First Dream solidified in the Morfiuthelas - the First Dream being the very first powerful and persistent dream any sentient being in the universe ever had.  It had to occur at a specific place during a specific time; at a moment in which a collected but feverish thought about metaphysical reality was dreamt coinciding with one of the crests of the Valis Miracula – that band of energy which reverberates across the entire universe.  All other dreams that ever were (are) follow the First Dream and attach to that.  It is with the expansion of these dreams that ideas flow towards Ovodium Cosmogos and thus feed the Sensoriae and cause the existence of the Dios Primin.  This is known as the Coming and it originated on Terra Prima, “Earth” 34,448 years ago – one period after the First Dream.