After the decoding of the human genome mutex nucleotides in 2028 AD there came the discovery of four subspecies of man in 2031 AD; Dammerung, Gestalt, Weirdling and Normal. Much experimentation in isolation and augmentation of various base-line traits resulted to which arose the discovery of the demonstrable abilities to perform supernatural “feats” like telekinesis, clairvoyance and precognition. Most of these experiments failed horribly but a number of them succeeded; especially in bio-electric power generation. With these successes, a whole new school of study known as “Neuro-psychological Reimann Pulse Generation ” or NRG. Apparently, it is possible to channel higher-dimensional energy through the bio-electric field that surrounds the human body. The actual effects of this energy depends on the active mind-state of the channeller, the mind-stated of the target and the amount of “flow” channeled. TEST.

The Great Wazzoo

Splendor komitae to each and all, hail!
Welcome to the Grand Wizah and quiz the Derrierness once in a room.

Swell up thy tongues among the berry fronds and sniff the olfactrix and check her well. It won't be long until the fairies tell that the heads have met nary good tale.

Shmizzen the mizzel and flatten the flax! The shmoorificity has none met his match. Post hoc mortem, nee ixnay natas umbilicus absurdem. Follow the luminate to an inverted room and find sitting a pair of Small Open Wounds.

"Woe be to myself for I have nought but craft, and no grey to sell the wares of laugh!" Cried She.

"Woe be to myself for the time is upon us, minh and womyn alike in all ignoramus." exclaimed He. "And, I have none to give...!"

Quizzilations to the fybolicious entremanti.
Thy own animaniosiousness sits and festers soon.

"Bring nothing. Take nothing." The middlen rue croons.

Wander not too fear from the fronds for knowledge is dear. With a gly in the step and glee in my eye, I wait for the first to wander on bye.

In the glean way at the moment fomentally I say;

"...Smell you later."

Quinsan Shifts and Chuen

Quite separate from the McWhelan studies conducted during the early period of L11036:02+02152 [ Terra Sol+2037AD | (Boston) 42° 21' 30" N , 71° 03' 37" W ] at MIT, Chiun Q'in-san of L07232:10+00206 [ Terra Sol+206 | (Qin) 39° 57´ N, 116° 19´ E] fell into the discovery of frame parallels at an early age. An enlightened warrior-scholar with already much knowledge of early dynastic China, Q'in Sai Chuen accomplished the feat of harmonizing to an external plane through trance-state meditation. As it is written, Chuen - as he prefers to be called - meditated to acheive Nirvana by denying all of existence. Quite accidently, and some suspect with the help of one of the Shards of Destiny; Chuen managed to accidently exit his trance and find to his surprise that he had an 'Evil Twin Brother". Documentary efforts the shadow echoes of this event are in agreement that the chance meeting may have enabled the Red King to ascend to the throne of Silmarrimis in that region earlier than the Balance allows. As a result, some say, this created the infamous Red Blight Zone which stretches from the Sahquan boundaries to the Calvinian Extents.

McWhelan Assessment

Once it was understood that the fabric of the MEST is altered by the very presence of a pivoton, it was soon discovered that the effect of such a presence could be gauged. As such, Roger McWhelan [ Ph.d QM-QCD MSc CS, MSc NRG; MIT 2037 ] established a measurement system for qualifying the impact of individuals to their surrounding environment. Each pivoton ('sum individual') affects their pivotoid ('planet/biosphere') in quantity according to these four characteristic qualities; Psycho-social, Psycho-economic, Physio-combative, and also Para-collective. There is a fifth measurement "Neuropsycho Valence' that is also measurable, but the granularity of accuracy is poor in comparison to the others.

Each of the qualities are measured in "McWhelan Units" or "McWhelan Points", written as MwPts. A unit equates to the amount of energy required to affect a 1 degree behavioral change in a class I sentient within a period of 1 second. Axiomatically, 1 MwPt. also equates to a single Quinsan-shift unit; a unit of measurement often used in QM-QCD studies for Quantum Parallel deviation. Baseline class I sentients normally rate around 100 MwPts, and superior pivotons have been rated as high as 1000 MwPts, although usually for just a single characteristic. Class II and III sentients - often not pivotons in the individual sense but more as collectives or groups ('sum collective') rate usually around 10 and 1 MwPts respectively even for individual counts as high as 1,000 individuals per unit for the latter.