Ovodium Cosmogos IX

The Silmarrimis
The Silmarrimis is the largest Emitis Pivotoid within the Avausim and is also the one that originated on Terra with the birth of sentience within the Humani.  At first it was a mere “dream-bubble” but it was huge; it was the First Dream and it was very powerful.  This is the dream of Prometheus who has since become the Sleeping Giant “Nephalimion” and the very center of the Avausim.  Since its first appearance upon the Emitis it has attracted other similar dreams that have coalesced into the spinning pancake now known as the Silmarrimis.  It has become the brightest, largest and most beautiful of all features within the Morfiuthelas.  All other Pivotoids within the Avausim seem to appear as poorly formed copies of the Silmarrimis.  They aren’t exactly so but they are smaller and less complex.  An understanding of the structure of the Silmarrimis will help in understanding the structure of the other lesser Pivotoids.

At a distance viewing the Silmarrimis from the very top, it appears as a fractal spiral that slowly spins clockwise with a cloudy perimeter and more solid center.  The revolution period is 10? years or about 30 Terran years.  From the side of the Silmarrimis, at the edge of the Kalianos and starting at the right-hand side, is has a thin rim’s edge that is partly occluded by billions of small silvery specks which are the dream-bubbles and extends further to the left.  Continuing right, the edge becomes thicker and rises slightly here and there - apparently those bumps are mountain ranges - and then turns sharply upwards into a mountainous pillar-peak at the center.  That is the Nephalimion; also known as the Spire of Memories.

The coordinate system within the Silmarrimis is as follows: Spinward, Windward, Rimward, and Spireward.  The strange nomenclature is because all maps are generated from the perspective of the visitor to the Silmarrimis.  Things in the direction towards the mountain are “spireward”. Away is “rimward”.  The clockwise direction  is “spinward” and anti-clockwise is “windward”.

The Silmarrimis is subdivided into kinds of areas that are each infinite in size but finite in representation.  These kinds of areas are: The Million Spheres or “Memesirim”, the Kalianos, the Kuan’sha, the  Desmesnes Ar’kuar’ka, and the Desmesnes Iyesu’kas. To help measure the size of a given area, province or territory there is a universal unit of measure known as “dreamiles” equivalent to 1,000 meters.  The Spire of Memories stands at about 30 dreamiles tall. The entire breadth of a typical Pivoton is about 10 dreamdays.  The Silmarrimis is huge in comparison and is about 100 dreamdays in diameter.