McWhelan Strata

The seminal work by Prof. McWhelan "The Theory of Biomemetic Vectors and the MEST" identified the major groupings of individuals which by their presence form the set of actors upon which reality can be affected. In this, McWhelan defined several "strata" or levels of influence in which a biomemetic vector could exist. A biomemetic vector of such for a given frame parallel rarely if ever exceeds or ameliorates beyond. However, within the MEST it has been shown that between frame parallels a vector not only ameliorates to exceed their strata, but also individualizes.

The strata are grouped according to their ability to influence reality based on the index within the well-known "McWhelan Scale". These strata are as follows, shown with their "Approximate McWhelan Rating per Biomemetic Vector" or AMR/vBm;

Index Strata Clading AMR/vBm
-3 The Elomions Yes 1 per 1 x 10^12
-2 The Unnamed Yes 1 per 1 x 10^6
-1 The Thousands Yes 1 per 1 x 10^3
0 The Selfless Yes 1 per 1 x 10^0
1 The Impetuae No 1 x 10^1
2 The Pivotons No 1 x 10^2
3 The Ascended No 1 x 10^4

"The Elomions" and the "The Ascended"::
The "Elomions" are clades of biomemetic vectors with mustrum laden nucleotides. Their existence outside has been proven by research revealed by the "Inner Circle" think-tank within the highly-acclaimed albeit secretive Abysinnian Order. These elomions are often very small and usually co-identified as the speciailized bacterium (such as cybermycilia sensoria egobactum) and other mustrum-influenced entities.

As for "The Ascended", this - in McWhelan's own words - is also an identifier for yet another purely hypotetical stratum but represents the approximate upper-end of the pivoton scale and as such is quite open-ended. Using the Blinn Formulation, it is
estimated that the highest reasonable (possible?) McWhelan Rating would probably be at or around 8.93 x 10^4; but that is based solely on the fact that in journal "The Travels of Quinsan" [Blinn, et al], Blinn merely performed a sigma of the known MUST-influenced quanta of the MEST (thus integrands of all galaxies and dark matter, as well as classifiable biomemetic vectors). Even if remotely accurate - and with such a value, there is of course heated debate on this - it would represent an individual or clade that could control all aspects of the known universe. Within the "Principia Etherica" [Undilim spiritual writing], the Galactic Believers limit this upper-range to the local galaxy whom they name "Avausim"Quinsan notes in his journal that Primus Hasturin of the Undimilimi sets the high-value (converted to the AMR) with unusual though unverifiable accuracy at 46,317 MwPts. Per that doctrinal system, this value represents a single entity and in essence sets an upper limit to the power of "God".


MEST - Matter, Energy, Space, Time

The MEST is the sum of all things with this universe and all parallel universes covering the aspects of matter, energy, space and time. It exists as the sole object in N-dimesional space; no other objects exist. It is the result of layers of noise formed by the cellular automata within each the parent dimensions within which it rests. It appears logographically as a quantum decision tree of a finite though large set of branches and twigs, sub-divided into impertinent moments of causality. A bushy sphere which has origin branches in all directions. It is the meta-physical analog of a diadem - a universe in itself; hence an ultraverse which we label as the MEST. The MEST houses all possibilities, all times and all deviations within a single structure; each a parallel universe of discrete change. A misplaced atom, a rogue ray; each of these would cause a branch within the tree along some period in time. None of these branches - universes - directly interacts with the other except via quantum gravity. Each originating branch of the logograph - it's information store, of which there are a finite number - remains constant as the quanta within it devolves from a high energy "big bang" state universe into something cooler, smaller, which eventually dissipates into complete chaos and then nothingness.

Some numbers; Each universe has less than a google worth of information - about 10 x 10 ^ 70 quarks. The MEST itself is also limited; 10 x 10 ^ 70 initial branches, thereby itself representing less than a googleplex number of universes. The sum of all parallel universes across the limit of time is dependent on the maximal duration of a universe, which is about 30 billion years, of which the smallest quanta of time - a chronon - is about 10 x 10 ^ -34 seconds. Therefore, the sum of all parallel universes within the MEST would be 10 x 10 ^ (70 + 34) or 10 x 10 ^ 104, which is represented by about 10 x 10 ^ 174 quarks of quantum information.