The Ovodium Cosmogos II

Structure of the Ovodium Cosmogos
There exists above all things the Creator of Life known as the Dios Primin that has always existed and shall always exist.  The Dios Primin resides upon the Throne of the Ovodium where it is tended to by the Beings of Symbols or “Sensoriae”.  These Beings of Symbols convey the developments of the Morfiuthelas to the Dios Primin, by extension they also convey the behavior of the Cilia Ventris.  What the Dios Primin does with this knowledge is beyond the comprehension of all lesser beings and mortals.

The Cilia Ventris is that shifting, ever-changing layer that separates the Ovodium from the Nothingness of Hyperspace, “Nen”.  The Cilia Ventris is also known as the Prime Material Plane or “The Solidness”. Within this layer or plane are the billions of galaxies that lay flat; their arrangement made simple by the view from a spacial dimension higher than the third.  Each galaxy within the Cilia Ventris interfaces with its symbolic mirror within an inner layer known as the “Morfiuthelas”.

Souls that die within the Cilia Ventris migrate to the Morfiuthelas via the translation of ideas; i.e., as memes or persistent thoughts.  It is these thoughts that form the substance of reality within the Morfiuthelas.  The Morfiuthelas itself has four layers that function to divide and sort the thoughts that are communicated to the Sensoriae.  Nearest to the Cilia Ventris is the Kiberdimon, then comes the Alternatus, the Emitis and then the Pilanilusar.  The Pilanilusar is closest to the Sensoriae and is also known as the Cilia Interim.  Altogether, the Morfiuthelas works like a cathode-ray-tube.

A galaxy with its location on the Cilia Ventris combined with its symbolic image within the Morfiuthelas is known as a Spermanova; the whole of existence for a unique meme or thought.  Alternately these are known as “Houses of the Great Beings”. There are billions of Great Beings who are each fractal copies of the Creator of Life; each one perfect but yet a flawed copy of the Dios Primin.  It is the existence of one of these Great Beings that changed the way things were and the Spermanova Lucifix is central to its development.  Ours is the Spermanova Lucifix – what we knew as the “Milky Way” galaxy.


The Ovodium Cosmogos I

The following information is at the root of all stories to be told by Robert Kurcina. The cosmology is to set the background and reasoning behind the motivations of the various enlightened sentient beings to be encountered or described. Reality is what you make it...

The First Dream
The universe vibrates. All things have a rhythm or a periodicity and before there was the Dios Primin, there were the Vali Miraculae – the high-energy bands of quantum forces that are the result of cyclic disturbances in space-time due to vibration caused by the expansion of the universe. For any specific region of space, they crest roughly every 5,000 years – a gosh number which correlates with the diameter of universe. Infrequently, multiple bands will crest together and distort space and time wherever they pass. Terra Prima was the first affected at an opportune moment which is known now as the “First Dream”.

As such, the bands of energy carried those thoughts and seeded/polluted the remainder of the universe via memes; beginning first within the local galaxy (the “Milky Way”). With the migration of these thoughts, the First Dream modified all living organisms via their subconscious by altering their behavior; for mate selection, for danger avoidance, for personal motivation, for conceptualization, etc.. With the First Dream, the structure of the universe became redefined, while memes persisted within the First Dream became physical and personified. With these fateful thoughts, the First Dream personified the Vali Miraculae as the Dios Primin, created the Eidonai, and begat the seeds for all of the Metamemes. The First Dream shaped the galaxy and began to shape the remainder of the universe. The Ovodium Cosmogos is the result of the First Dream, and all else derives from the First Dream becoming self-organized with the prime mover now being the Dios Primin who know thinks in roughly 5,000 year cycles.

All of this because of a period of mournful reminiscence after the final bloody encounter between Neanderthals and Modern Man somewhere in Europe ….