Ovodium Cosmogos VIII

The Avausim

Upon the Emitis, the collective islands of cultural thought are known as Pivotoids.  These cluster into swirling “Thought Realm” systems which in turn are grouped into larger clusters known as Metacultures.  A Thought Realm includes the satellite colonies of a primary Pivotoid (“Meme Host”) and float nearby upon the Emitis. If using the Earth as an example as a Meme Host, then the colonized Mars, Venus and Luna would be spinning nearby. Each spinning Pivotoid, swirling Thought Realm and Metaculture are arranged within a slowly changing and moving spiral pattern known as a the “Spirit of the Galaxy” and is given the name “Avausim”.

The Avausim has four quadrants that represent four Metacultures  - extensive collectives of powerful Thought Realms.  The four quadrants are the Orirdidara, the Grishtamin, the Uylinmiras, and the Penjimatin.  There is a centrally located Pivotoid at the cornered union of all four Metacultures and this is the  Silmarrimis.  Each of the five realms - the four (4) Metacultures and the Silmarrimis - are physically represented by an intergalactic culture in the region of the Solidness known as the Milky Way galaxy.  These cultures are the Galadatium Imperialis (Orirdidara Metaculture), and the (Terran) Magnalocus Solani as the Silmarrimis Pivotoid.  The other intergalactic cultures are the Nalise Agem Greshan (Grishtamin Metaculture), the Gilmariish Ishatizin (Penjimatin Metaculture) and the Ballani Imperialis (Uylinmiras Metaculture).

Within each Thought Realm, the distance between Meme Hosts and between its Pivotoids depends on the inter-relation of cultural ideas (i.e.; “memes”).  By extension the Meme Hosts and Pivotoids often migrate to reflect contact between two or more cultures.  As the distance from the center increases as measured in dreamyears the purity of the culture’s pattern decreases. Typical distances are 1-10 dreamyears between Meme Hosts and 0.1 - 1.0 dreamyears between Pivotoids.  The entire diameter of the Avausim is approximately 100,000 dreamyears.